Tuesday, March 23, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

Whew, I am finally able to sit long enough to blog about St. Patrick's Day.

As always, the kids decorated their boxes the night before St. Patrick's Day.

Then they are so excited to wake up the morning of St. Patrick's Day to see what the leprechauns have done to the house, and to follow the different trails to find their boxes.

Those silly leprechauns made the biggest mess this year! So we had to hurry and clean up the trails and pick up just a little before Rylee had to go to school. But don't you worry, we had plenty of time. The kids were so excited, they were up at 5:30. Sheesh.

Rylee got ready for school. We had plenty of time, so we took pictures. Silly kids.

The day was gorgeous! It was so nice outside. So the kids ran and played all afternoon outside. They loved it! So did I! I will admit that by the end of the summer, I get tired of going outside to chase the kids every time they want to play out there, but I was loving the nice weather! It was so fun to be outside playing with the kids!

That evening, we had to have some green food for dinner! My kids usually don't eat things that are food colored green very well. I must say, I don't blame them. It isn't too appealing to me either. So we improvised. This year, I did twice baked potatoes and used the food coloring spray to just color the tops of the potatoes green before I put the cheese on top. One layer of green isn't too bad, right?

Some of the other green food included a green salad and green french bread. They actually ate the bread, to my surprise.

Don't they all look so thrilled to be getting ready to eat their green food? Mmmmmm......Yummy!!!!

Okay, I lied. Not all of them ate the bread. Hayden took one look at it and handed it right back. No way in heck was he eating something that looked so wrong. :) Not even a chance. He didn't even want to look at it.

They can't complain too much when dinner ends with rainbow cupcakes though, right?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The End of Our Birthday Season


Lana's birthday was last week, and she had a lot of help opening her presents, of course. Do you think she was excited to get some roller-blades? She has been dying for some ever since she saw Rylee's. Now they have matching ones and will have so much fun outside together as soon as it warms up just a little.

This girl is so funny. She LOVES candy like no other child I know. She was almost more excited to get a treat than she was to get her roller-blades. :)

After school, we took the kids and one of Lana's little friends from school to Chuck-E-Cheese. That was what Lana wanted most to do on her birthday. So I consented to take them to the germ-fest.
And, yes, those are pajamas that Rylee and Lana are wearing. It was pajama day at school, so I didn't make them change. Lana loved having some new PJ's to wear to school on her birthday. I think they are enjoying themselves; what do you think?

Sheesh, why take them to a real amusement park when we get the same reaction on a single-token-ride? Definitely much cheaper than an amusement park.:)

It's always fun when Grandma comes along to party with us!

Hayden ran a million miles a minute in that place. It was so hard to keep up with him.

Just so you know, Kate put her outfit together. She is going through that lovely phase. It isn't worth a fight. She still looks cute though. Giddy up!

They all stopped playing for about two seconds to eat pizza.

I have decided that the next time we go to Chuck-E-Cheese, we will not be eating there. It isn't worth buying the food because all the kids want to do is play.

After dinner (if you want to call it that), we went back home for cake and ice cream. What a cute birthday girl.

Lana with the whole gang. She couldn't wait to dig into her cake.

Happy birthday, Lana. You are such a sweet girl who is always trying to help and do what is right. Your giggle makes us all laugh, and you are so much fun to be around. We love you so much, sweetie!


It was also Bill's birthday last week. Now he is as old as I am! And you better believe I won't let him forget it!

He had lots of help opening presents too. In fact, he didn't open a single one. Kate took care of that for him.

See, he is looking at one of the gifts I gave him while Kate works on opening the next gift.

That evening, my mom and Sara came over to celebrate and have yummy ice cream cake. It's a good thing I didn't put 31 candles on the cake. It would have melted. :)

Happy Birthday, Honey! We love you!