Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Few Of My Favorite Things

So, the classic song, "My Favorite Things" has got me to thinking about my favorite things. And if anyone can tell me why the heck that song is now considered to be a Christmas song, please enlighten me. I still consider it a "thunderstorm, jump-on-the-bed" song. In that song, they mention some pretty random things, so here is my list:

1. My husband's sense of humor and quick wit. Example: Tonight while we were tucking the kids into bed, our three-year-old had the hiccups from laughing and she did a hicca-burp. (I hope you all understand what that is - pretty self explanatory!) So she started laughing and said she "Hicced-up." My husband then said to me, "Is that what they call it when you get knocked up by a cowboy?"

2. Carbs, carbs, carbs!!!

3. My oldest daughter doing a belly laugh over something she heard on "Spongebob," my three-year old daughter laughing when she has done something mischievous, my sweet boy laughing when I just look at him and pull a face, and my baby doing those first belly laughs when the older kids dance around her waving pom-poms. Who knew they were so funny?

4. Being scratched from head to toe by Bill. I am part cat, I decided.

5. Whoopie cushions. Oh. come on, you know they are hilarious! Nothing funnier than that sound - and all the different variations you can make if you experiment with the things!

6. Sleeping kids!

7. My new iPod that my sweet husband got me for Christmas. I have been downloading songs from my CD's all day onto it, and rediscovered some songs I had forgotten about. The best rediscovery was my Garth Brooks Live album with the live version of "Friends in Low Places" on it. I'm a rotten person to admit it, but there is something that feels really good after the week I have had about singing the line in the third verse "You can kiss my a*#!"

8. I love when our whole family is healthy. Someone has been sick for the past month. Right now I have some disgusting rash all over that the doctor says is an allergic reaction to penicillin I was taking for mastitis. Maybe if I get brave, I will put pictures on a later post.

9. Sweet comments I have received by people on my blog. I can't believe how nice people are to read about someone they don't even know, and actually respond. WOW! Thank you to all who have read our little blog and taken time to respond. I am checking out the blogs of all who leave a comment because you have got to be AWESOME people!

10. Slippers! I could live in them 24/7.

11. Friends who make me laugh and give me support and much-needed encouragement and stress relief.

12. A fresh Christmas snowstorm (as long as I don't have to drive in it!)

13. The smell of fresh, clean laundry.

14. Snuggling my kids or my husband.

15. The Fourth of July. I know we are in the middle of the Christmas season, but I love the Fourth of July. The barbecues, the fireworks, the parades, the patriotism, the flags, the red, white, and blue dinner we make every year, the gatherings, the summer, the cute patriotic clothes for kids, etc. I could go on and on.

16. Plumeria flowers. I wish we lived in a climate where we could grow them. When I went to Hawaii, I walked around all over the place with a plumeria blossom stuck to my nose. Love them!

17. Thunderstorms! I love rainy, stormy days with a good, loud thunderstorm.

18. An unexpected email, card, or phone call from friends I haven't talked to or seen in a while.

19. Sitting with a bunch of other women and just laughing!

20. Did I mention my fantastic husband?! He is definitely my most favorite thing. He is way more patient with me than I deserve, and is always so encouraging and kind.

I have a lot of "favorite things," but I have probably listed too many. What are your favorite things?

Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Bird Story

Okay, here is the story that was promised, but it comes with a warning: You may learn more about us than you would like...

Last October after a day of running errands like crazy, Bill and I came home with the kids and put them in bed. We came back out to the kitchen to start soaking some beans in the crock pot to make chili the next day. No, you are not going to learn that we are a gassy family. That wasn't the warning! As I bent over to get the crock pot out of the lazy susan, I looked over my shoulder and saw this pidgeon looking bird sitting on the curtain rod of the sliding door in our dining room. When I saw it I said, "Bill, please tell me you bought me a cute little bird for decoration." You see, it was perched perfectly on the end of the curtain rod like it had been placed there for decoration. Bill looked up, and jumped about a mile and said, "Holy crap, there's a bird in our house!" That dumb thing just sat there like nothing was happening. We had no idea what to do. So we started calling family, neighbors, anyone to help. But we couldn't find anyone. So it was up to the two biggest chickens in the world to attempt to get the stinkin' thing out of our house. What would you all do? Well, since we had no prior experience in "bird shooing" we opened all of the doors (hoping one of his little bird friends wouldn't fly in and join him) and turned on all of the outside lights trying to make that stupid bird "go toward the light." Then with all the doors opened, we started throwing dish rags at it. This only freaked us out - not the bird - because it started flying all over the place while Bill and I ran all over the house screaming like little girls. It finally landed in some greenery I had for decoration on top of our kitchen cupboards. I now wonder how smart that is to put things like that in your house if it is enticing to wildlife! Anyway, we kept throwing rags at it, and it kept flying. One time we threw the rags and it flew all over the house, scaring us so bad that we lost sight of it. So Bill climbed on a chair to look up on top of the cupboards again and came face to face with the red-eyed varmit. Bill jumped down and ran so fast because he thought it was going to peck his eyes out. But it didn't. It was a relatively mild thing. Luckily, the kids slept through all of this. All of this continued for about an hour. What a nightmare. Finally, the dang bird landed right behind the OPEN front door, right in the corner between the door and the wall. Why he wouldn't just fly out, I don't know. But the thing just sat there and looked at us. I told Bill we were just going to have to catch the thing and get it outside, which meant HE had to catch it and get it outside while I watch. After all, he is the man of the house. (Lucky for him!) So Bill went and got a laundry basket and covered it with a blanket so he didn't have to see or feel the bird fly around when he caught it. He stood there looking at the bird for seriously five minutes or so, taking many deep breaths while I told him to just do it and show me what a man he is. He was so scared and was taking so long! So I chime in with my cheerleader dialogue saying, "Bill, seriously, if you get that thing out of our house, you will have the best "you-know-what" you have ever had!" So that was apparently a good enough motivation, and he covered the bird with the basket, slid it across the back of the door, I opened the front door slowly, and Bill threw all of it outside - bird, basket, and blanket, and slammed the door. So, that is our bird story.

The moral of the story: Bribes work for husbands, even if you don't follow through with the bribe!

Our Little Circus

I need to explain our blog title. I could only think of one way to describe my life and that of my family. It really does seem many days like a circus. After we had our fourth baby in July, my husband and I said that we should be followed everywhere we go with the juggling clown circus music. You know what I'm talking about. I know there are other people out there with more kids, younger kids, kids who are closer together, etc. But I feel like for me, I am running a circus. We have a six (almost seven-year-old), a three(almost four-year old), a one(almost two-year-old) and a five-month-old.

I'm not the best with technology, so hopefully our little family blog isn't a flop, but I had to try it because I am a terrible journal writer and I need a way to document our lives before all of the sweet memories and fun things our kids do are gone and forgotten. So, I will make our next entry one from a little over a year ago, but my best friend (who is an excellent blogger, I might add) suggested this would be a good story to share. See you all (the whole maybe three people who will actually read our blog) in our next post...