Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Soccer Started...AGAIN!

Saturday was the first games of the new soccer season. And holy cow, was it hot!

Um, it was REALLY bright too! Lana just couldn't look at me. I love her face in this shot. Did you know that it helps to block the sun from your eyes if you open your mouth real wide?

So we moved to the front door. By the way, NO SOLICITING. Hehehe.

Lana running and so excited at her soccer game. She was so excited to play.

GOOOAAAAAALLLL! Okay, I know she's little and this is just practice, but I'm a proud mommy! A goal is a goal, right?

They aren't so excited now. The sun really took it all out of them, and they didn't want a picture. But I wanted a picture of them with their little red faces.

Next week, I can take action shots of Rylee during her soccer game. I just couldn't take any this time because Bill and I had to divide and conquer. Their games were at the same time, and since we just had one camera, we could only get pictures of one game. Darn it.

The girls love soccer and I do too. I love that it gets them running and playing a team sport. It's so good for them and I can't believe we have two playing! Life will really get crazy when it's more than two. AAAHHHH!

So here's to another soccer season!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Before The Summer Was Over...


(Cuz I can't have my kids going back to school telling everyone that their mom is a dud and we didn't do anything fun over the summer!)

So last Friday, Bill took the day off and we told the girls we had a surprise for them. I told them all week that we had something fun planned for Friday, and I wouldn't tell them anything. It drove poor Rylee nuts!

So Friday, we packed up the kids and headed out. (They thought we were going on a picnic because I packed lunches in a cooler. If they are that easy to please, maybe we should have gone with the picnic instead of our original plan. Hehehe) We met my sister and her husband and kids at their house and headed out on our "unknown" destination.

As we were driving, Rylee kept saying, "We are going on a picnic, huh." She had kind of lost a little enthusiasm, I think. But she was excited to know that her cousins and aunt and uncle were coming along. I kept asking her if she was reading any of the signs because they would give her a hint. She just said, "We're going to Salt Lake?" Um, nope, sweetie. Keep reading. So as we get off the freeway and head east, she looks up and says, "WE'RE GOING TO LAGOON!!!??" When I told her we were, she got all excited and Lana started doing her excited giggle. It was so cute to watch their reaction.

So as we got in the gate we decided to take some pics.

They looked utterly thrilled, I know, and they were. Hayden had fallen asleep in the car and was not happy with me at this point. Right now, I am thinking, "I wonder if they will give me a refund to get these two stinkers out of here and go home. What in the world am I doing here?"

So I just took more pictures! I know, I deserve an award for how attentive I am to my whiny children. So here is Bill with the two non-whiners!

I have to laugh at this picture. We thought it would be fun to get my sister and I in a picture with all of our kids, but when I looked at it I was dying. We look like a freak show! Two of us with about four thousand ity bitty kids.

This was the ride that finally got Hayden smiling. He LOVES this ride.

And so did Lana. I had to put this picture up because she giggles uncontrollably every time she sees it, so I had to put it on here so that I get to hear her giggle ever time she looks at this post.

We even got Kate on a ride. She was so tired. No nap for her yet, and she didn't know what to think. She did all right until the ride really started going. Then she freaked out a little. It was almost the end of her day at Lagoon. And poor McKenzie had a bloody nose and was still such a trooper to just hold her tissue on her nose and keep truckin' with the rest of the kids.

And here are the other three girls on the space ship just behind McKenzie, Rylee, Kate, and Hayden. Kailie, Lana, and poor Brielle hiding in the back were so cute together!

As I mentioned before, Kate hit a wall halfway through the day and needed a serious nap (and she had a sore bum - I wouldn't be happy either!) So I had to leave with her and bring her home for a nap. So Bill stayed for another couple of hours with the other three. Mike and Tai dropped them off at the train station so that I could pick them up and get them home for dinner. They were bushed. But they always love a train ride! So they came home to eat, and then began round two of Lagoon...

Bill and my brother-in-law, Mike, went back to Lagoon with the six oldest kids to close the place down. The kids had a blast! Here is Kailie, Rylee, McKenzie, and Lana having more fun.

And Hayden and Brielle having a good time. I love the two dads holding their heads in place for the picture. It worked though! This picture is darling! Hayden is still talking about "Brie, Brie," all the time. He loved hanging with her all day!

Hayden started thinking it was fun to hold his hands up on the rides. Whoever made this ride is my kid's hero. He loves it!

Lana and Hayden on one of the last rides for the night.

The kids had a blast. They played so hard and I can't believe that they made it until almost 11:00 in the evening. What troopers they are and what bigger troopers Bill and Mike were to take them all.

Thanks for hanging out with my family Tai, Mike, Kailie, McKenzie, Brielle, and Isaak! The kids had a ball. After the successful "trial run" with the kids to Lagoon, I can definitely say that we will be getting season passes next year!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Back To School

I can't believe Rylee is already back in school. Where did the summer go? She's excited to be back in school though and has a darling class and stinkin' cute teacher. It should be a great year!

Sweet Rylee before school. I have to laugh at how big her backpack is on her little body. So cute!

Lana, Rylee, Hayden, and Kate waiting for the bell to ring so we could walk Rylee into her new classroom. They all had fun getting Rylee off to her first day of school! Lana can't wait until she gets to go back to pre-school next week!

Rylee and her buddy, Amelia before school. Look how cute they look!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Lately, Lana has been keeping us all entertained with things that she hears or sees, but doesn't understand. For instance:

Today I was listening to my iPod with the kids. The oldest girls think it is fun to listen to my music and dance with me. (Kate was even getting into it today. She would put the earpiece by the side of her head - and then she would eat it. She was trying to listen to the music through her mouth I guess.) Anyway, back to the story. So Lana handed Rylee an earpiece to listen to and explained to her that they could each have one because there is an "L" on one earpiece for Lana and an "R" on the other earpiece for Rylee. Perfect! I didn't tell her what they really stood for. I like her explanation better.

Another misunderstanding: On Sunday after church the girls were singing primary songs. They have apparently inherited my love for making up new lyrics to primary songs. They were singing their own version of "Oh What Do You Do In The Summertime?" They were singing, "Do you spin in a make yourself purple?" So we were already giggling over those lyrics when that got Lana thinking about other primary songs. She started singing "Called To Serve." Are you ready for this one? This is good. Mid-chorus, Lana just stops singing and says, "Mom, did you know they say 'Fartin' wide' in that song?" I was dying! Leave it to one of MY kids to think about farts in a song. (In case you aren't familiar with the song, the lyrics really say 'Far and Wide, we tell the Father's story...')

Gotta love four year olds and the way their little minds work.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

One Word Tag

This has been on everyone else's blogs, so just to say I have done it here goes...

1. Where is your cell phone? Nightstand
2. Significant other? Bill
3. Worst bad habit? Pepsi
4. Hair? Obnoxious
5. Favorite food? Cookies
6. Your favorite thing? Family
7. Your dream last night? Dunno
8. Favorite drink? Pepsi
9. Dream/goal? Happiness
10. Room you are in? Family
11. Your ex? Married
12. Your fear? Heights
13. Where do you want to be in six years? Happy
14. Where were you last night? Home
15. What you're not? Spontaneous
16. Muffins? Any
17. Wish list item? Finished Basement
18. Where did you grow up? Utah
19. Last thing you did? Ate
20. What are you wearing? Jeans
21. Your TV? Elmo (again)
22. Your pets? None
23. Your computer? New
24. Your life? Boring
25. Your mood? Annoyed
26. Missing someone? Yep
27. Your car? Van
28. Something you are not wearing? Lipstick
29. Favorite store? Rod Works
30. Your summer? Long
31. Love someone? Yes
32. Last time you laughed? Today
33. Last time you cried? Yesterday

Now consider yourself tagged if you want to play along.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My New Title...

I am now....

Are you ready for this?......


Domino's Pizza MVP!!! WAHOOOO! Look, another "red envelope came today!" And look who it is addressed to:

Be still my heart! This is the greatest news I have ever received (besides the earlier news of a free medium pizza, of course!) And as my shaky fingers opened the lovely red envelope to see what was inside, my heart was beating a thousand miles a minute. And, oh, it was some more great news! I must have done something right this week! (Yeah, I ordered pizza from them.)

I found a coupon for a free order of Chicken Kickers (if I spend at least $7.99 on an order as well as pay the tax and possible delivery charge because, "Have you seen the price of gas lately?" - Yes, it really says that in the letter!)

Okay, this is just too funny to me. The letter also says, "Don't be shy about introducing yourself when you order." Am I really THAT important? Are they waiting for a phone call from THE Domino's Pizza MVP? Well, I better not disappoint. I will be ordering more pizza soon. They told me to, right?

Oh, and the letter also says, "A heads up that I may give you a call after your next order to make sure we're doing right by you." I'll be waiting, oh high and mighty Domino's pizza Manager! But if I complain, do I get another red envelope offering me more free pizza? Or will that take me right off of your "MVP List?" Just wondering.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, Steph!

I Won't Tell Anyone You Are 31 - OOPS!

Today is my BFF's birthday! Happy Birthday, Stephanie!

Just a few things about Steph:

~ She makes friends with people INSTANTLY. She is a serious people magnet. This is probably why I gravitated to her the instant I met her!

~ She is one of the most talented people I have ever met. She could make D.I. look like a model home.

~ She survived the worst pregnancy ever to have her sweet daughter. I have never seen someone endure so much suffering with so much strength. I am amazed by her still.

~ She makes sure she checks in with me every day. I love talking to her (which I do way too much) and sharing at times WAAAAYYYY too much information!;)

~ She loves my kids like they are her own. Everyone needs a neighbor like her.

~ She has the most fun sense of humor. I love that she doesn't take herself too seriously and that she can find humor in almost any situation.

~ She is willing to let me use and abuse our friendship. She is always willing to help if I need a meal brought in to someone last minute in the ward, or she is willing to share her talent and take pictures of my family, or she will teach me new crafts, or she will watch my kiddos, or let me talk her ear off when I am having a bad day...You get the idea.

~ She looks past my thousands of faults and is always there - no matter what. Again, everyone needs a Stephanie.

~ She teaches me how to be a better mom. I love the way she talks to her kids and the fun things she teaches them and does with them.

~ She is beautiful - inside and out. She is one of those people that I still get intimidated by when I am standing next to her. I think she is stunning. And like I say, her internal beauty just radiates out. I love her!

Steph, I could go on and on about all of your wonderful qualities. I just hope that you know how amazing you are and I hope that you have a fantastic birthday! You deserve it!

Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"P" is for...

An uPdate just for fun (P just seemed like a fun letter to choose since I could correlate all of the pics with P):

"P" is for...

Picture perfect before church...Gotta take the picture before we are at church and all heck breaks loose. Ugh...

"P" is for....

Pretty little one! Love the smile with a sucker in her mouth. Hmmm....maybe that's what we should take to church.

"P" is for...

Pipsqueaks having a pajama party! Lana and her BF, Tess, had fun being goofballs. Tess didn't really want her picture taken, but Lana...Well, obviously she is a ham.

"P" is for...

Punk rocker girls! Rylee and her BF, Amelia, are really into doing each other's hair in "rocker do's" lately. What silly girls!

"P" is for...
Pudding! This morning Rylee asked if we could buy some Kid Cuisines. I told her probably not because they aren't very healthy. She said, "Aw, but they have pudding in them." I replied, "I can make you some pudding." YAY!!!! Then Lana walks in and sees the pudding box out on the counter and says, "My tummy only feels good with that chocolate stuff." Well, how could I resist that? So....five minutes later.....Messy pudding faces!!!
"P" is for...

Party at Wal*Mart to get Breaking Dawn at midnight. What a fun party! That store is hilarious at midnight!

Now, can I Please get some Peace and quiet while I sit in my Pajamas and read my book?????