Thursday, April 22, 2010

To Be Inside the Head of this Kid

I think that if I could get inside the head of my little Kate, I would be entertained for hours on end.

What in her head makes her think I would appreciate her tracing her hand with marker on the kitchen floor? I could see how she could think that would be fun, and it is pretty cute.

And what do you see here? This is just my run-of-the mill elbow, right? (Pardon the picture. Have you ever tried to take a picture of your own elbow?)
That was what I thought until the other night. I was putting Kate in the bath, and had my ugly-ole arm hanging down in front of her. She pointed to my elbow and said, "There's a meanie guy." What?! Apparently my ugly-ole elbow looks like a meanie guy. Then the other day she came to me, pointing to her elbow saying, "Look Mom, I have a meanie guy too!"
Whatever. She knows it's an elbow, but "Meanie Guy" is so much more fun.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


...of the past couple of months, since I have been a slacker blogger. I keep meaning to blog these cute moments, but just keep getting busy. I keep hesitating to blog current things because these older things are sitting there, waiting to be blogged about. Now that I am finally catching up, maybe I can stay current. Do you think?

Valentine's Day

The kids on their treasure hunt to find their Valentines from Bill and I.

These next two pictures are so cute. Hayden and Kate were both trying to "read" their cards.

And the traditional Valentine's Day cake!

They can't wait to eat it!

Too bad. You can't dig into it until we take about a thousand pictures.

Hayden talking to his buddy, Rylee, as he eats his cake.

Lana, loving her cake. Kate was taking a nap and had her piece of cake later. The rest of us just couldn't resist digging in.

A Proposal!!!!

And why would these two look so happy?!?!......

Andrew proposed to Sara on Valentine's Day weekend. Sara has been an unofficial member of our family for so long. It's awesome to make it official! They are getting married on May 7th, and we can't wait! Congratulations, you two! We love you both.

Mario and Luigi

Hayden has had older sisters his whole life, and has been dressed up as a girl more than once. I think he figures that since he is the older brother, he has the same right to do to his little sister the same that his older sisters have done to him. So, he dressed Kate up as a boy! It was so cute.

They would both lift up their hats and say, "Mario time!"

Date Night With Sara and Andrew

Rylee getting ready for her first date. Her uncle, Andrew called earlier in the day and asked if he and Sara could take Rylee on a date. They went out for ice cream and to a movie. She thought it was pretty cool that she got to stay out so late with her cool uncle and soon-to-be-aunt.

What girl wouldn't love to be greeted this way for her first date!?

All three of them getting ready to leave. Thank you two for making Rylee feel so special. She loved it!

School Picture Day

Since I don't like to buy the pictures that I don't think turn out very well, I take pictures of my kids on picture day. Hey, it counts, right?
Rylee, doing her classic head tilt.

A pretty close-up.

Lana being my sweet little giggly poser.

She is so sweet!

Rylee's Creative Animal Costumes

Hayden showing his bunny tail and ears that Rylee made for him.

Rylee showing her elephant costume she made.

All three kids showing their costumes Rylee made for them. Rylee just gets creative when she has free time, and I am always amazed at what she comes up with. Once she had made her elephant outfit, the youngest two had to get in on that action. Kate was a monkey. She had a cute, long tail in the back. They had so much fun! Lana wasn't interested in joining the dress-up fun.

Brian Regan Concert!!!

Lana, Rylee, and I waiting for the show to start. We took the girls to see Brian Regan because we all love him! The girls can recite any line he says, and were so excited to see him. It was so fun to go and laugh our heads off for two hours!

Bill, Lana, and Rylee still waiting for the show to start. Do you see how many empty seats there are around us? Yep, we were there early. :)

Family Get-Together/Monthly Birthday Party

Andrew playing with Danika.

Danika kissing/eating Andrew's face. Who can resist kissing a sweet baby?

The big birthday celebration for March birthdays!

All of the girl cousins together. Aren't they so cute!? My mom wanted a picture of all of the girls together, and then the two boys together to put on her wall...

This was the first picture we got of the two boys. She should have used it, don't you think? Hayden digging for gold and Isaak freaked out that Hayden may flick that gold on him.

Never fear, Grandpa is here. We got some cute pictures of my dad with the two boys.

That is some of our cute moments over the past couple of months, and I feel somewhat caught up. So, here's to regular blogging again!!!!