Monday, May 10, 2010

Andrew and Sara's Wedding

My little (but very much taller) brother married the sweet Sara on Friday. It was a wonderful day, and we are so excited to finally officially welcome Sara into the family.

After the sealing, the girls had fun holding Sara's bouquet and Andrew's boutonniere while we waited for them to come out of the temple.

Brooke and Danika both looked beautiful, as always.

I had fun hanging out with Nikole and Jordan while we waited for the newlyweds to exit. Can you tell it was a little chilly that morning?

And here are the newlyweds, doing what newlyweds do best!:)

Keep those smiles plastered on your faces. You have a whole day of smiling and pictures ahead.

That evening, Sara and Andrew had a ring ceremony. I snapped this shot of Sara getting ready just before the ceremony.

My two handsome brothers just before the ring ceremony. Awww...

And how cute is this?! Look at all the cute little kids standing on the chairs to get a glimpse of the bride as she is escorted down the aisle by her parents.

Okay, and I am a shameless mother. I couldn't resist adding this one of Kate and her daddy.

The kids all had so much fun with their cousins. Lana, Kailie, Rylee, and Hayden all stopped long enough to let me get a picture.

Then the cousins were all off, running again, and dancing together. It was so cute!

And, of course, it wouldn't be a cousin-dance-party unless they all tried to pick each other up. Why is that so fun?

Somehow we were able to corral all of the kids together long enough for a picture with Sara and Andrew.

Then we kept them contained again long enough to eat. Thank goodness for yummy food! They all looked so cute sitting together!

Somehow in all of the kid-chasing-madness, I was able to snap a few pictures. This one is the wedding party.

This one is of Andrew and Sara and my parents. Good job on mom's hair, Brooke! She looked great!

And Sara and Andrew with Sara's parents. They are both such nice people. Andrew married into a great family!

It wouldn't be a wedding without the cake smashing. I was just worried about her gorgeous dress. She didn't seem to get any on her dress. Way to go!

Jordan took great pride in making sure the car was a complete mess. It was AWESOME! And I love that his cute wife was right in on the action! That's why I love her so much. She's so much fun and just jumped right in to the family.

Congratulations, Andrew and Sara! We love you both and are so excited to have Sara officially join the family!