Tuesday, June 29, 2010

You Know It's Summer When...

10) The PATRIOTIC decor comes out!

9) You get to see these gorgeous blossoms every time you walk out your front door.

8) Kate's hair apparently decides to be curly. All of a sudden, the bottom half of her hair decided to turn into ringlets, so I get to curl the rest of it to match. Hopefully it will all match on its own soon.

7) Instead of going to bed early for school the next morning, you stay up late "lifting weights" with your kids.

6) The kids play so hard that they crash out still sitting up on the couch.

5) Kate invites me to her late-night "prompsis." This was her made-up event in which Kate stuck stickers all over my face to prepare for the prompsis and then we went into the living room where she played the kids' keyboard and sang while I had to dance. What fun!

4) The kids can't get enough outside time and they stay out as long as the sun will allow.

3) The 4th of July countdowns are made. We are SO excited for the 4th!

2) The kids can't get enough "water time!" They want to play in water or run through the sprinklers almost every day. In Hayden's case, he wants to ride his Big Wheel through the sprinklers. :)

And the NUMBER ONE way to know it's summer....Drum roll please....
I haven't blogged in almost two months because I'm so stinking busy!!!!